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Reiki, Hypnosis, and more with Joy AE Dennis-Struss D.D.

reiki rochester ny


This ancient form of energetic healing aids in the reduction of discomfort in the body, balances and harmonizes the energy system and promotes overall well being.

30-minute tune-up  $45

60 minutes  $75

aromatherapy rochester ny


This modality combines the use of Aromatherapy and essential oils with the practice of Auriculotherapy. Stimulation or sedation is applied to the energy meridians in the ear, using essential oils. This assists the body and the energy system to resolve issues and come back into balance. You can experience the benefits of a full body massage via this modality, in the comfort of your own clothes. These sessions also incorporate facilitated dialogue for personal exploration, as well as ear and head massage. 

60 min                                      $95

intuitive readings rochester ny

Intuitive Readings & Guidance

This service provides clarity and guidance, meeting you exactly where you are. If you are feeling stuck or want to take a deeper look into your own heart, this process will provide you with wisdom and connection.

30 min                                      $45

guidance session rochester ny

General Guidance Session

This session is tailored to your needs and whatever you need today. I specialize in empowering parents to create positive relationships with themselves and their children, relationship guidance for couples and singles who desire partnership, as well as seekers who desire a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential. No issue is too small, let’s work through it together! As we move through the process together we will custom fit thriving strategies for your life that will give you the momentum you need to achieve your goals.

60 min                                      $75

hypnotherapy rochester ny


Hypnosis works through creating a working partnership with the subconscious mind and integrating body and spirit into this process of transformational healing. By connecting with the subconscious via storytelling, direct dialogue, and the induced trance state much work can be done to overcome a wide variety of challenges. Hypnosis can be used to release unwanted behaviors, encourage strength of self-connection, deeper understanding of divine self, manage pain and discomfort, release fears and phobias, create new habits and activate self-healing. For personal development, it can enhance learning and memory, bolster a positive ego, create pathways to release anger, encourage self-discipline and work with the energy system to restore balance. Hypnosis provides a holistic way of interacting with the mind, body, and spirit to restore balance, create positive change and overcome obstacles to personal goals and growth

Plan on scheduling 2-5 sessions, depending on the work.

Initial consultation & session (90 min)            $175

Follow-up sessions (90 min)            $125

Follow-up sessions (60 min)            $75

Mini tune-up session (30 min)            $45


guidance session rochester ny

Spiritual Development (6 Weeks)

This is a 6 week program for spiritual development and connection. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of spiritual growth and discovery. As the program progresses you  will be guided through different facets of self and ways to connect to your inner wisdom and knowing. This program incorporates Hypnosis with coaching/guidance, recommended reading and homework participation.  Each session is 60 minutes.

Six Week Spiritual Development Program            $425